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Disassembly & Transporting

Our team of experts in Des Moines takes special care when disassembling and relocating your pool table. We employ specialized equipment that protects the table and its precious 150-pound slate, utilizing a custom-made dolly for secure transport.
We meticulously remove the Felt without tearing any strips, leaving no staples behind. Even though this is a time-consuming process, taking extra care ensures a quality move rather than a fast one. We understand that even just one lost staple can cause injury to a pet or person.

The table is ready to be Moved to the next Address.

half assembledbilliard


The Des Moines installers will accurately position the table in its new home, and then use shims to level the slates. If you desire a bar light, the stud finder will be utilized to identify the best spot for it in the ceiling.

Slates on a pool table typically have tiny gaps of up to 1/10 of an inch between them, which is why we use beeswax to make sure the surface is even.

Our technicians take great care when leveling the slates of a pool table – this crucial step is done with precision using a machinist level.

If the billiard table is assembled on carpeting, it could settle unevenly as time passes and require re-leveling. For your peace of mind, we provide a guarantee that includes free re-leveling should it become necessary.

Re-felting your table is the best way to ensure that any unknown contaminants from a previous owner do not cause smells. We offer a great selection of felt in various grades and colors. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our re-felting services.
If you decide to have just the assembly part, we utilize the same exacting approach as if it were a move: ensuring all pieces are leveled, providing beeswax, and fine-tuning until everything is put into place with precision.
Our assembly strategy is both fast and reliable—no unexpected hiccups along the way.
half assembledbilliard


  • Number of slates on the table:
    • 1 slate is quoted higher due to its increased weight.
  • City where the table is located:
    • The Des Moines area and surrounding areas within 1 hour are quoted the least.
  • Weather there are stairs or tight corners at the location:
    • Having a full flight of stairs doesn’t increase the quoted price if it is a 3 slate.
  • Grade of felt on the table (if being re-felted):
    • Options include 303, 505, and Tournament grades.
  • Damage that needs to be repaired during the move:
    • Bumper Replacement and Pocket Replacement.
pool table assembly
pool table assembly
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