Pool Table Re-Felt

Different Types of Felt

The fabric covering a pool table is an indispensable part of the playing surface. The type and color of the felt can dramatically influence the game’s performance and appeal.
For casual or more competitive use, 303 grade felt is the most cost-effective choice.
505 grade felt is for highly competitive players. Tournament-grade fabric, however, offers superior performance and durability, making it ideal for professional players and those seeking peak performance. We typically recommend 303 felt to most of our customers.
Felt is available in two varieties: standard and worsted. The worsted is a more refined type that offers a smoother and faster playing surface like that of European Pool Tables, but it typically comes at a higher price point.
On the other hand, the standard felt is more popular, with its unique fuzzy texture.
We’ve developed our own custom felt that’s more affordable than what you can find online. Whether it’s your logo or the brand of your favorite sports team, you can make this feel truly unique.
While this type of felt is intended for more casual players, it still comes with a one-year warranty, so any damage is unlikely to occur.
Pool Table being refelted red
pool table in the refelting process

Re-felting Process

In Des Moines, the movers take extra care when it comes to their felting process. Pliers are used to safely remove all staples from the old felt, ensuring no metal pieces are left behind and potentially harmed by pets or an unsuspecting foot.

We could complete this job in a shorter time frame, but we prioritize quality over speed – there’s nothing worse than having an unsuspecting pet find hidden staples in the carpet.

When replacing the felt on the slate, we use spray adhesive to ensure a secure bond. It’s like stapling, but much neater and with less potential mess.
For a professional finish, we cover the pockets with strips of felt, completely enveloping the slate within.

Rail felt is included with the rest of the felt.

Unsure about which grade or color of felt to choose for your pool table? We can help. Get in touch with us at (515) 303-8573 and we’ll provide all the assistance you need. Let us provide the perfect solution for your pool table.

How We Quote Re-coverings

  • Felt Grade
    • 303 grade, 505 grade, or Tournament grade.
  • Felt color
    • Cheaper colors are Red, Blue, and Green.
  • Size of pool table
    • Felt costs go up with the size of the pool table.
  • Pool Table Location
    • Places within 30 minutes of Des Moines are quoted least.
  • Get personalized advice and a quote by giving us a call at (319) 250-1681

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